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I have a deep appreciation for the diverse cultural practices of ancient civilizations. Integrating modern methods of the mind with various cultural root practices has become a significant part of my life, shared with clients worldwide.

My passion lies in manifestation techniques and the practical application of ancient wisdom. I aim to share this time-tested knowledge of spiritual practices to help individuals enhance their lives.

I prefer exploring the profound aspects of the Ancient Way of Spiritism, delving into strong influences and fostering positive relationships. My unique approach involves applying ancient energy healing practices in modern contexts, channeling intensity for positive outcomes.

Clients seek my guidance for my commitment to exploring the profound and seeking strong, natural influences. Through deep spiritual energy practices and counseling, I aim to align clients with the universe, fostering significant and positive long-term life changes.

Spiritual work is a challenging process. Contrary to the misconception that practitioners merely perform rituals with a wave of hands or a magic wand, the reality is far more complex. While consultations may take place at a table, most spiritual works occur in dedicated spaces such as forests, fields, rivers, or cemeteries. It requires a considerable investment of time and personal vitality from the specialist, often involving sacrifices like leaving behind family, work, or personal commitments to focus on the client's issue. Quality spiritual work is a significant investment.


Haitian Spiritual Practices involve highly specialized rituals, and only those initiated and holding the highest rank of the Priesthood can bring about meaningful change. Mastery of one's spirit is essential before attempting to influence another's. It's important to note that expertise comes at a cost, and opting for the cheapest option may not yield the desired results.


Clients need to understand that they are paying for expertise and that spiritual energy manipulation involves sacrifices from both the practitioner and the client. Material sacrifice is a crucial aspect, and seeking out inexpensive professionals may not lead to meaningful outcomes.


Is there a guarantee?

In life, nothing is guaranteed, and absolute claims about the total efficacy of spiritual work can be misleading. Spiritual work is not a guaranteed commodity, especially concerning the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Similar to doctors or legal professionals, no one can assure a specific outcome.


I firmly believe that only scammers would offer a 100% guarantee. What I guarantee 100% is that I will exert every effort to achieve the client's desired result.


When working with a genuine spiritual expert, the efficacy rate is approximately 90%, meaning that nine out of ten people may experience a positive result. For the remaining 10% who may not achieve their desired outcome, challenges often arise from concealing information, not following all recommendations, and a reluctance to fully explore their problems for a decisive outcome.

Cleansing And Protection/ Uncrossing/Negative Energy Removal

Do you feel like you, your home, or your family are surrounded by negative energy that you can't shake off? We've all experienced tough times, but sometimes, it feels like an overwhelming storm of challenges is taking a toll on your life. Whether it's financial struggles, heartache, or issues at work or home, the weight of these troubles can be draining.


If you find yourself immersed in a cycle of bad luck, Mama Satela's rituals can help refresh your spiritual energy, allowing you to break free from the grip of negativity. By focusing on restoring harmony within yourself and aligning with the universe, we aim to bring balance back into your life and provide relief from perceived influences like black magic, the evil eye, and other forces that may be affecting your environment.


When someone directs negative energy your way, it can compound existing traumas, exacerbating emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Working with a spiritual healer like myself can help remove this negative energy, creating space for good fortune and prosperity to return. The goal is to restore inner peace and happiness to your life.

If you're experiencing persistent anxiety and a sense that nothing is going right, especially if you've transitioned from feeling successful to a streak of misfortune, it may be time for a change. Seeking guidance from a spiritual services practitioner and exploring ancient rituals can be beneficial in lifting the negative energy surrounding you.


Various belief systems acknowledge the presence of evil spirits, including ghosts, demons, and devils, all linked to the concept of negative energy. Recognizing the flow of energy and its impact on an individual is crucial in finding a natural and lasting solution to remove curses or negative energy.


It's essential to understand that any energy moving away from you can be harmful, regardless of its source. Successful removal of curses or negative energy requires a comprehensive understanding of how energy moves through our universe and its specific application to the individual client. The prompt elimination of dark energy is vital for addressing the root cause of suffering and preventing the situation from worsening.

IMG_6480 2.JPG


Everyone deserves a happy love life, but sometimes obstacles arise. Relationships can be either healthy or toxic, and understanding this difference is crucial.


Observing joyful individuals in loving relationships highlights the positive energy and effort they invest. On the other hand, toxic relationships can lead to disappointment and hurt, trapping partners in a cycle of negativity.


While some view the use of spells to separate a couple as inappropriate, it's important to clarify the intent behind break-up spell rituals. Rather than promoting harm, these rituals seek to align with the natural course of relationships. By channeling energies, the intention is to prompt the universe to assess the compatibility of a couple sooner. It doesn't alter the ultimate outcome but expedites the process.


It's essential to note that manipulating energies to fuel negativity is discouraged. Instead, the focus should be on understanding and encouraging positive change within relationships.

Take a moment to consider your needs. Mama Satela offers energy manipulations designed to naturally and decisively end a relationship. These rituals are intended for those seeking to clear the path for the return of an ex-lover or partner.


These rituals can effectively break up couples or friends when necessary. If you're dealing with a toxic relationship, such as your child being involved with someone harmful, Mama Satela's 'break up a couple' rituals can be a solution.


It's important to note that these energy channeling techniques are specifically used to end the relationship of a rival. For instance, if your lover or partner is with someone else, this technique can be employed to separate them. After casting this centuries-old technique, they will become estranged, and all contact between them will cease.


Empower your journey through the potent combination of Spiritual and Natural energy. Let Mama Satela assist you in clearing your spiritual path, paving the way for a future filled with romantic successes. Your destiny will soon be back in your hands!

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Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 6.29.50 PM.png

Many individuals grapple with the search for 'the one' or face uncertainties in their current relationships. Here are common concerns clients express:


1. Attracting an Ex-Lover: If you believe your ex is your soul mate and desire a second chance.

2. Cheating Suspicions: Addressing insecurities, especially if the lack of intimacy triggers fears of infidelity.

3. Protecting Your Current Relationship: Overcoming jealousy or suspicions of someone trying to interfere.

Romantic challenges often lead to stress and doubts, leaving you on the verge of giving up. Whether feeling lonely or entangled, I'm here to assist.


Ancient energy manipulation can go beyond attracting an ideal partner. It can soften an ex-lover's heart, helping them overcome past resentments. A love spell fosters new beginnings, dissolving spiritual barriers, and providing an opportunity to renew the bond.


Make it impossible for your ex-lover to stay away by restoring cosmic harmony to the happy times you shared. Importantly, fast love spells work immediately without imposing negative energies on anyone.

Spiritual Guidance Session


Mama Satela's spiritual readings offer valuable insights to guide your decisions and shed light on future expectations. These readings can also diagnose any spiritual conditions impacting your life.


Whether you're at a crossroads or facing challenges, seeking clarity on when things will improve, or experiencing persistent bad luck, a reading can uncover hidden influences and reveal how the past shapes the present and, consequently, the future.


Experience expertise, honesty, and accuracy in Mama Satela's unique approach to spiritual guidance


Mama Satela extends her spiritual services to individuals worldwide, spanning from the United States to India, Canada to Jordan, the United Kingdom to Greece, and everywhere in between.


"It doesn't matter where you are; whether far away or here with me, the Spirits KNOW who you are." - Mama Satela

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