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Natalie in Mama Satela

About Mama Satela

People often inquire about the effectiveness of my ancient practices. I pose a question in return: would these practices have endured for centuries if they didn't work? It's essential to note that these traditions predate Christianity and have been embraced globally over the years.


Rather than questioning the wisdom of ancient cultures, consider that contemporary religions, including Christianity, also rely on faith and ritual.


My name is Natalie. I am a hereditary witch, an author, and a Haitian Vodou Priestess.

Satela Bon Manbo is my spiritual name, earned after my final initiation into Haitian Vodou. Clients affectionately call me Mama Satela because, as they express, I become like a nurturing figure to them, helping alleviate their pain and suffering until their desired outcomes are achieved.


My commitment to individuals seeking help is unwavering. When someone turns to me, entrusting me with their life and happiness, especially when they feel they have nowhere else to go, I do everything in my power to assist and heal them.

People often turn to me when faced with challenges, seeking help after trying other avenues. They place their trust in me, viewing me as their last hope, and I take that responsibility seriously. I commit to delivering results for my clients. Period. I stand behind my work.


My approach is rooted in an experience that spans thousands of years, recognizing that 'rules' and 'dogmas' are shaped by individual beliefs.


Each client is unique, and I customize my approach to address the specific challenges we encounter in our work together. When someone seeks my help, I initiate the process with a consultation to understand the root of their problem. Subsequently, I perform a Custom Secret Ritual, conducting a formal rite on their behalf based on the details and materials they provide (payment for service mainly covers materials and supplies).


In instances where the case is complex and requires swift resolution, I may combine ancestral root work with other practices for more potent and rapid results. I collaborate with the appropriate Divine Spirits or the Dead to intercede and bring about the desired outcome, employing sacred tools and powerful ritual techniques passed down through ancestral traditions for thousands of years.



I don't just perform rituals and disappear; instead, I collaborate with you throughout the process to ensure you witness the results of my efforts. As a Priestess, my duty is to be trustworthy, serving as your advocate and confidant rather than simply conducting spiritual work without concern for the outcome.


Reach out to me, and let me thoroughly assess your situation first. Once I have a clear understanding of your problem, I'll provide precise guidance on how it can be resolved, including the cost and any other necessary information for utilizing my spiritual services.


I offer honest, professional, ethical, and confidential insights, providing clarity, assistance, purpose, and direction. My aim is to empower individuals through effective work, leading to desired outcomes for happier and more fulfilling lives.


My practices are versatile and can manifest your dreams with patience and faith. Ancestral sacred traditions, embraced globally for centuries, have positively impacted countless lives.


Thank you for visiting my website!

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