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Powerful Traditional Healer 

Haitian traditional beliefs are more than a practice; they are a way of life—a way of looking at the physical and spiritual as a collaborative source of manifestation. Haitian spiritual work is a form of creation. Manifesting the invisible and the imaginable into real-life verifiable forms through perfectly natural means.

Ancient Spiritual Work allows real practitioners to summon into creation circumstances, events, experiences, and possessions of the practitioner's choosing. 

А spiritual work or a ritual in this ancient tradition is a construction of astral spiritual forms, a framework for future events. The building material for this framework is the energy of the Spirits and natural elements such as Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, and the tool for its construction is your Will and Faith.

Like most traditions of African origin, Haitian Spiritism is an ancestor-based tradition in which the dead play a primary role. The ancestral spirits are the very foundation of it.  The Spirits can be conjured through secret and sacred rituals passed down to us by our ancestors many generations back.


Ancient sacred techniques and methods for working with the Spirits and the world of the Dead are closely intertwined and have been honed and systematized for centuries by many generations. 


Haitian Spiritual Tradition is very real, and its powers have been used for centuries by wise men and women who understand its secrets.

Haitian traditional beliefs are a way of life, blending the physical and spiritual realms collaboratively. Haitian spiritual practices involve a form of creation, there's a process of creation, turning the unseen and imaginable into real forms using natural methods.

Embracing an ancient, sacred, and secret healing tradition, our practices aim to address a range of life's issues, from small everyday matters to the significant.  


Haitian tradition and its rituals are known for working well and making a lasting difference.


They are like powerful tools that can bring about different positive changes in your life. This unique tradition is strong and personalized, designed to help you with life's challenges. Trust in this tradition, and let The Spirits support you when you need help.

revange spell, love spell, break up spell
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The effectiveness of Mama Satela's spiritual work, leading to tangible results, has earned it recognition across cultures worldwide.


There are common misunderstandings about Haitian Spirituality, with some perceiving it as overly complicated or even impossible to impact one's life through spiritual practices. I aim to help you move past these misconceptions and guide you on a direct path to mastering your own life. 

Why face unnecessary struggles when you can achieve success? 

Our ancient method shows you how to handle life's challenges, turning difficulties into manageable opportunities for positive change.

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Sacred rituals have been on Earth since the world was created, and they will only disappear when the world is over.

They are Holy things left by the divinity and by God on this earth to guide you to success and fulfillment.


Every person faces burdens, troubles, and difficulties along with joys. The Creator left solutions on Earth for overcoming life's challenges, granting us freedom of choice to shape our destiny and future.


Now is the time to face challenges. I'm here to support you, offering well-protected ancient rituals passed down through generations. With determination and positive energy, you can work towards achieving your desires in this world.

Powerful Traditional Healer
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